What to expect

Do not eat 3 hours before your appointment and no liquids  1 1/2 - 2 hours prior.

There is no downtime or recovery time. You can get a colonic on your lunch break and return to work!

Before your first session, I will talk you through the process and you will have time to ask any questions and express any concerns, and/or past medical history. You are completely covered with a hospital gown and sheet for privacy.

During a Colon Hydrotherapy treatment, I am in constant communication with you explaining what I'm doing and asking what you're feeling. You may experience slight cramping (sensations of gas) while you pass matter, but there is never any pain as you are in control of the entire session. As toxins are removed, you may feel flushes of heat, nausea, and even emotional release. This feeling will pass immediately upon your release of waste.


I may ask your permission to massage your belly to assist elimination or you may do so yourself.

How to Prepare

Stay Hydrated


Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water daily
(mostly when stomach is empty and not digesting food).


The body is about  75% water and hydrates from the colon for the whole body. 


If you are already hydrated, the Colon Hydrotherapy treatment will get your colon to focus more on cleansing. 

If you are dehydrated, we will spend much more time hydrating the body
(like soaking dishes before washing them).

Eat for your colonic
Eating for your colonic is almost as important as receiving it. Eating light, high water content foods is extrememly important and directly associated with you having a productive session.
To maximize results, at least 3 days before your colonics begin "clean eating" regimen.
Eliminate or significantly decrease all meat (including fish and chicken) dairy, breads, pastas, coffee and refined sugars.

For my protocol and RECIPES on how to maximize your session CLICK HERE.

Chew food really well and limit liquid during meals


Chewing food well stimulates the stomach to produce more digestive enzymes to break down food.


When you drink liquid with meals, it dilutes the digestive chemicals and food is less likely to break down and digest properly. It is important to digest food well to not only absorb nutrients better, but also to eliminate waste effectively.


You may want to add a digestive enzymes to your meals to further enhance your digestive abilities.