How to choose the right supplements.

There is plenty of conflicting information out there regarding supplements (among other things). I've heard Naturopaths and Homeopaths say that if we eat right we shouldn't need to supplement. But what needs to be considered is the individual.

We all have different genetic dispositions and different lifestyles. For instance someone who has a more high stress job is going to burn through more Vitamin C than someone who meditates and does yoga all day.

Additionally, depending on our diet and lifestyles we each require more and less of certain things. For instance, vegans tend to be more likely to be deficient in Omegas, Vitamin D, and B12.

Meat-eaters, well, most Americans, let's say, tend to be massively deficient in minerals.

So what about supplements? Well there are many ways to tell what you're deficient in. You can get blood work, or look at symptoms. Taking a good whole food, based pre-natal vitamin is great for anyone, even you guys!

So now you've decided to get supplements.

What kind should you buy?

Always opt for whole food supplements. Although there is science that says that synthetic vitamins can still have benefits when it's whole food based, your body knows exactly what to do and how to absorb it with the least amount of effort.

An example of how what a whole food vitamin will read:

Vitamin C (as Acerola cherry extract)

Below is an example of vitamins that aren't whole food based.

Let's talk fillers.

It is important to note labelling laws on supplements. Labelling inactive ingredients on supplements and pharmaceuticals is completely voluntary.

When reading labels, always check Other Ingredients. While the above example of Other Ingredients is rather extreme and uncommon, there are common and dangerous fillers you can avoid.

Magnesium stearate

Titanium dioxide

Silicon dioxide


Stearic acid




It may be cliché, but you really do get what you pay for. When choosing a less expensive supplement, think and read first. What are you really paying for? If you're paying for fillers, synthetics and GMOs you're not only paying for a lesser product, you're buying all those extra ingredients. And guess what that means (besides possible damage done to your gut and immune system); they can be much less effective.

I do not ever recommend being brand loyal, because companies get bought out and can change with the drop of the hat. However, I do have some brands that I trust.

My absolute favorite company for super foods is Health Force.

Although they don't carry supplements and vitamins as you might think of them, their product line is full of superfoods, herbs and powders that provide many phytonutrients and minerals that most of us are lacking. The company is local, and owned by raw vegan athlete who is also a Naturopathic Doctor. His products are completely devoid of fillers and of the utmost quality. The quality of these products are demonstrated right down to the packing; tinted glass in most of them, with the exception of a minimum off-gassing, dark plastic for some of the larger, bulk items. I have many of these products in my home at any given time.

Below are other companies I trust.

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