One day I stumbled upon a documentary entitled Food Inc. This followed by a series of other documentaries opened my eyes to world of food, how it was now being produced and the affects those changes were having on our health and the planet. I became engulfed in everything relating to food and well being. I was amazed at all the information I found that not only wasn't being shared with the public, but was deliberately being hidden from us. How could this be?


It became my life and I immersed myself in this new community. I went to seminars, classes, retreats, potlucks and volunteered any chance I got. This undeniable drive for more truths led me to the amazing healing power of raw food. I researched and followed the greats; David Avocado Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Douglas Grahm, Matt Monarch and others. I got to work with some of the most talented raw chefs, doctors and educators. I shared everything I knew with everyone I'd loved and eventually strangers that wanted my help.


After seeing yet another loved one die from cancer unnecessarily, I decided no more. I couldn't continue to bartend and feed people the poison of cheeseburgers on white bread and diet soda while I knew what it was doing to them. I refused to sit back and continue to watch patron after patron go in and out of the hospital for numerous preventable diseases, suffer through chemo therapy and even die unnecessarily. I had to make a big change. I quit my bar job not knowing what I was going to do. I knew what I wasn't going to do anymore, but now more than ever I felt overwhelmed and lost about what the future held.


While attending the Raw Living Expo in California I met some amazing young entrepreneurs who ran their own businesses and were thriving and making a difference in the world. Vincent Joseph DePaul (Vinny Vegan) and Andrew McFarlane to name a few. They inspired me and gave me confidence to really get out there and go big or go home.


I had been helping people for years at this point using my knowledge and passion to make better choices. I had assisted people in lowering their medication usage, releasing weight, reading labels, juicing and transition away from processed foods. It became more than a passion; it was my purpose.


I came home from that trip and no longer felt lost.


I knew what I had to do; take a much needed risk. I quit community college to become a computer programmer, and quit my bar job making a few thousand dollars a month.




I was a typical girl in my 20s. As a bartender and server for all of my adult life, I partied and ate junk food on a regular basis.

My Story

I started be more raw.