Natural food and nutrition

Working with me

Most of us didn't get here overnight. It was from years and years of compounding toxins and processed foods in our gut that lead to these disorders. It is therefore, unrealistic to expect change overnight.


I was constipated through most of my adult life and suffered from emotional and binge eating when I finally quit drinking after a 10 year run. I took it upon myself to begin cleansing and “cleaning out” and doing some major diet changes. I learned a lot during those 5 years.


  • I learned that going to the extremes right away isn't always the best answer.

  • I learned that change, lasting change, will take time. It won't happen overnight.

  • I learned that forgiveness, patience and self love are vital roles in our success.

  • I learned that going slowly and at a steady pace can yield more long term success and satisfaction that going all in.

  • Most of all, I learned that progress, not perfection is where I want to be. That this life and road to health is just that; a journey.


There is a lot of information out there. A lot of contradictory, and a lot of good information but most importantly, there is a lot that most of us still just don't know. Listen to your body.

I won't overwhelm you with the “right diet” or the “right way.” We start by looking at you as an individual.

We decipher your goals and start where you're at. Not where everyone else is at or where you think you should be.

My approach is gentle, patient and committed.

Working with me you will gain:
  • TIME

    • Save time and let me do the work for you. No "Googling" for hours trying to find the "right" recipe. I will create custom recipes just for you that fit your lifestyle. I will also use my database for some recipes.

  • TIPS

    • Specific tips, tricks and tools you can use to make your life easier. Brand names and specific products to obtain to make meal prep easier. Additionally how to prep, store and travel with your favorite foods.


    • The convenience of having food prepared in your own home. Instructions and experience making things together to build the confidence to do it on your own in the future.


    • My personal guidance and accountability to ensure you stay on this path to reach your goal. You will have access to me at any time to ask about supplements, additives, brand names, recipes or what to eat when you're on the road.


    • I have over one hundred sugar free, RAW recipes at my disposal that cater to you, specifically. These are not easily found online.


    • You will have access to my expertise and years of knowledge regarding supplements, nutrition, GMOs, and raw vegan cuisine.