Meet Elizabeth Joseph

Elizabeth Joseph began as a self educated and self taught raw chef selling her goodies and teaching small classes around the valley. As she became engulfed in the natural healing world, she attended seminars, retreats, and expos meeting and working with some of the most famous and established doctors and raw chefs.

Elizabeth Joseph started Be More Raw in late 2013 realizing her passion for health through natural modalities.

In 2014 she became certified as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner which involves life coaching and one on one guidance towards attaining a better life through a whole foods diet.


As she became more educated on natural and alternative health, colon hydrotherapy and essential oils was a natural progression for her. She began training in colon hydrotherapy in summer of 2014.

She opened up Be More Clean: Colon Hydrotherapy in summer of 2020.

As a mother, staying healthy and living a chemical free and organic lifestyle is now more important than ever.


She has since touched 100's of peoples lives. Her unmatched passion for health and quest for knowledge has kept her fulfilled doing what she loves; helping others.